About Us

HPT Centre has been providing learning solutions, quality assurance, and organizational development consulting services to businesses since 2009. We’ve helped improve business situations for a number of corporations since our inception.

We strive to ensure our clients are utilizing their employees and business units to their full potential in order to achieve the desired performance levels they’re looking for.

Using a variety of proven techniques and tools we can help our clients identify the needs of their workforce and the appropriate organizational, leadership, and management interventions required to bring motivation and performance to exceptional levels.

We also bring exceptional capabilities and experience in performance based training development and delivery. We have a solid track record of delivering superior training, learning, and performance support products.

Your Success Starts With Our Five Star Client Support Process:

HPT Centre Approach


Our specific human capital solutions include:

  • Organizational Workforce Planning and Assessment
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Competency Modeling and Management
  • Performance based training
  • Customized mystery shopping programmes
  • Organizational Development and Change Management