Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping Objectives

 The main goal of the mystery shopping programme is to simulate real customer shopping in various scenarios to enable an evaluation of the quality of your customer service, benchmarked against your own quality objectives.

 The objective of a mystery shopping program should be to provide management with information on adherence to processes and compliance with pre-determined standards of staff performance and/or quality of service. This information should assist in the development of plans for coaching and training, service improvements, and hence result in an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

We believe that the absence of clear mystery shopping program objectives that look to solve a specific business question often result in a diluted program that does not deliver clear value. We recommend referencing your own organizational strategy for clear direction on your customer-facing initiatives and how you would like to leverage mystery shopping as a tool to enhance the customer experience. From there, we can define clear objectives that align with this strategy and ensure that these objectives are addressed by the mystery shopping program.

Here are a few thought starter objectives, however, the key objectives of your mystery shopping programme will be agreed on during phase 1 as a result of analyzing your companies’ customer service standards:

  • Measuring adherence to specific brand standards or brand promises made to your customers.
  • Mystery shopping your competitors to better understand best practices and reasons for customer defection.
  • After a new product launch, measuring training effectiveness and/or point of sale signage compliance.

Our Mystery Shopping Services

HPT Centre emphasizes the development and planning stage before the actual shopping. The quality of our Mystery Shopping service is critical to success implementation. So, HPT Centre invests the time and resources to ensure our shoppers meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Mystery Shopping services will include:

  • Defining your customer service skills and standards
  • Development of scenarios and questionnaires
  • Recruiting, training, testing and certifying mystery shoppers
  • Development of your operational plan for your mystery shopping programme
  • Automation of your mystery shopping programme
  • Execution and management of your mystery shopping programme
  • Submission of findings reports with recommendations